Hello, I'm
Renato Romero  
Str. Luisetti 12
10040 CUMIANA (TO)

Ham license IK1QFK

I was born in 1965 and live in a little city, CUMIANA,  of 6'000 peoples;

position 44 57' 24" north / 7 25' 11" east, in N-W Italy, 35 km SW from TURIN.

I live in the middle of the country, far from industrial sites. It is a quiet site to listen to natural radio signals.

I begun listening to VLF radio "some" years ago, in 1993, with the NASA-INSPIRE project. I continue doing different radio activities, all in frequencies below 22 kHz. I was LWCA member too.  This web site has been written in English (at least in my intentions and with big difficulty) to reach the greatest number of interested people; sorry in advance for the mistakes.


Listening the natural origin radio signals is a very suggestive experience with its particular charm.
As you point a binnacle in a star night observing huge quantities of shining stars lost in the infinity of the space. Its true: it's just burning gas, but it can make us dream and think.

Here we are not talking about esotherism: the adjectives suggestive mysterious and unknown are used in the scientific use only, in order to comment real phenomena: by mysterious is meant for instance a signal emitted by a physical phenomena we donut know yet.

In RBW22 we don't call nor spirits nor aliens: even if we respect every idea about the matter is apparently notorious that VLF would be a terrible way for communicating  with spirits or aliens.
Maybe is easier to have  betters result in the research  of alien signals with a TV UHF antenna rather then with a dipole di terra of 150 m. This don't mean  VLF are not suggestive.

Matters treated in this site are not developed in cathedratic way, nor this site want to do school, we leave to scientists and teachers their jobs. HTML  structure is very easy and from principal menu is possible to have a complete vision of everything  is contained in the site in order to make the web surfing as easier as possible.

In the site you could find several little mistakes: formulas, circuits,  frequencies and language mistakes I have done all over this document.    The Open Lab experience consists  on the possibility of experience and work condivision, without the fear of who writes a book or with the fear of being judged by some experts.

Even without big technological supplies, as the laboratory very expensive devices during expensive researches, is possible to realize very interesting radio scientific experiences to share and to compare with the field experts. 
Thanks for cooperation.

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