01 PMD10308H3vlfchor2

This is a sample of chorus recorded with the PMD671/Spectrum1 pair in the horse heaven hills on October 3rd, 2008 around 4AM my time. I think this makes the chorus recording run 9 years long


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 3 seconds, 48 KB : PMD10308H3vlfchor2.mp3

02 PMD10308H3vlfchor3

A second sample of multiple chorus from October 3rd, 2008 using PMD/Spec1 pair from my car, Storm Chaser, in the horse heaven hills around 4Am my time


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 15.6 seconds, 245 KB: PMD10308H3vlfchor3.mp3

03 CR51202H3DChorW1

This recording was made using my MK3 receiver and a CTR117 tape recorder early morning hours on 5/12/02 in the Horse Heaven Hills above my home town of Benton City, WA. USA.
This recording has two types of chorus running simultaneously: a low and high frequency mix with a whistler near the end.


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 30 seconds, 472 KB: CR51202H3DChorW1.mp3

04 LT11808H3chor2

First piece of weak chorus recorded on my Compaq laptop computer running on gel batteries in my car, Storm Chaser, which by the way, all the recordings were done in the car. This was the first use of the Total Recorder program and the gel battery supply you have posted on site now. The receiver was the original first model Spectrum1 receiver and the location was the horse heaven hills early morning hours of November 8th, 2008.


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 5 seconds, 79 KB: LT11808H3chor2.mp3

05 CR51202H3DChorW5

This is also same date and equipment and is 1 minute long. The reason I sent this one is the strength of the signal and clarity. Feel free to use the ones you like best for the site. It won't matter a bit to me which you choose I'm just sending you the best ones I have so you have a choice. Cut them down to the size you want too.


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 1 minute, 939 KB:  CR51202H3DChorW5.mp3

06 CR52607H3DChor1

This recording was done with the CTR117 cassette recorder and MK7 receiver in the horse heaven hills on 5/26/07 and it also has multiple chorus. From the period between 2001 and 2008 I heard a great deal of this type and strength of chorus. Sad but I have not heard any since around here with the much better equipment I have on hand today. I think the only important thing about this issue is the length of years I've gathered this type of chorus. If you can use any of this it might tell an interesting story.


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 10 seconds, 159 KB:   CR52607H3DChor1.mp3

07 CR71500DRChor1

This is possibly the earliest chorus recording I made. from 7/15/00 using the CTR117 recorder and the Explorer MK2 receiver. Early morning hours miles below my horse heaven hills listening spot at a place called Dennis Road some 10 miles from my home. This at least extends almost by a year the length of chorus I have experienced here.


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 7.5 seconds, 119 KB: CR71500DRChor1.mp3

08 CR71500DRChor2

Another bit of chorus from Dennis Road on 7/15/00 using CTR117/MK2 receiver


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 7.5 seconds, 119 KB:   CR71500DRChor2.mp3

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