Many people helped building this web site, giving free collaboration for the success of this experience, transforming this "Home Page" in "Open Lab space". This list is an acknowledgment to them and would be a guide for researchers willing to study the subject. 

Many thanks to everyone!  
Renato Romero (

In order of appearence to openlab reality: first the older, at the bottom the latests.
The e-mail addresses are not active link: part of them is text and part is a gif image, to prevent spamming actions
by web scan robots. If you need to contact them type the address manually in your mail client program.

IK1ODO, Marco BRUNO (Italy)
General Manager of SPIN Electronic Instruments.
He helped for English translations (apologies for bad English!) and gave technical support. Some test equipment from SPIN was used to optimize reception techniques. 
Direct contact at 
Rick WARNETT (Australia)
Provided an useful list of stations and services below 22 kHz.
Direct contact at
IW2GOO, Ezio Roberto MOGNASCHI (Pavia, Italy)
Associate Professor of General Physics with the Faculty of Engineering, University of Pavia.
Research interests: electrical properties of dielectrics and interaction between electromagnetic waves and matter. The interest in electromagnetic precursors of earthquakes took origin from the coalescence of amateur and professional competences. Link to Italian documents.
Passed over in 2006.
SM6LKM, Johan BODIN (Sweden)
Direct contact at
Home page
SM6LKM's home page: various info on long wave; link to rich collection of SoundBlaster software for any radio use: CW, RTTY, FAX, SSTV and Sound Analisys and Editing.
Thanks for ELF-ULF test, monitoring of signal at 26 and 74 Hz.
DL4BBL, Klaus BETKE (Germany)
Thanks for update in list of stations and services below 22 kHz.
Direct contact at
OH2LX, Väinö LEHTORANTA (Finland)
(On the pitch driving an elicopter)
Thank for material on submarines emissions.
IARU Region 1 Auroral studies coordinator
Direct contact at
VK6DI, David ISELE (West Australia)
Thanks for comparison on horizontal loop and electromedical IC for VLF use.
Direct contact at
Andrea BERTOCCHI (Italy)
Thanks for English translation and Italic patience (since he isn't an expert in radio waves or electronics, but a psychologist doctor).
Michel ANDRE' (France)
When the italic patience was finished, also the Frenchman have helped.
Thanks for English translation!
VK2ZTO, Steve Olney (Australia)
VK2ZTO Low Frequency and Below Experimentation Pages: AXSO Experimental LF Transmissions, Ultra-narrowband, DSP Techniques and other on long wave.
Thanks for comparisons in  "REGULAR SIGNALS (Alpha, RTTY and CW)".
DG4BAS, Manfred F. Kerckhoff (Germany)
Department of geophysics at Institute of adult education in the State of Bremen. Thanks for info in "STATIONS, ITU lic. and services below 22 kHz" and "Long wave RDF project"
Dave EWER (West Coast US, WA)
Thanks for loop ampli-circuit develop," Mobile stereo natural radio" and American translate. Born in August 1949. Gunsmith and Firearms Instructor for a US Nuclear Site. Electronics is his number one hobby.
Direct contact:
Dave OXNARD (Holland)
Research and development for the Elfrad Group both in ULF and earthquake precursing.
Direct contact:
Engine driver at NSB. Trond have an electronics background and have been doing duty at a NATO radar and early warning facility
Thanks for ALPHA sessions and many other tests.
Direct contact:
IW1CXZ, Andrea BORGNINO (Italy)
The Italian HF archive. Test on DAT system of earth dipole.
Direct contact:
I2PHD, Alberto di BENE (Italy)
Co-author with IK2CZL of SPECTRAN: a spectral analysis tool.
Direct contact:
IK2CZL, Vittorio De Tomasi (Italy)
DSP expert and Co-author with I2PHD of SPECTRAN: a spectral analysis tool.
Direct contact:
IW0BZD, Giuseppe Accardo (Italy)
Earthquake Elettromagnetic Precursor, research in VLF / ULF Band, Ham Radio Satellite Tecnology. 
Direct contact at
N4YWK, William Ernest PAYNE (Dallas, GA, U.S.)
Webmaster of Altair, an open collaboration website on the electromagnetic
spectrum in general. Professional in Aerospace flight test of avionics.
Hobby projects include vlf, seismography, tesla coils, microwave
Direct contact:
Gianni BOSCOLO (Italy)
Computer and LAN specialist. Thanks to him for all the problems solution in unattended operations, data storage and PC questions.
IW2FER, Claudio PARMIGIANI (Italy)
Enthusiast novice in the VLF world. 
Sysop of TCP/IP ham-intranet via packet radio. Thanks for the mirror on 2000 and 2001 of on his server ( on IP Radio Net in North Italy).
Direct contact:
Peter Schmalkoke (Bonn, Germany)
Author of article  "GOING LOW IN FREQUENCY WITH LOOP ANTENNAS ". Hobby scientist and specialist in computer service and audio electronics. 

Direct contact:
VK6ZT, Hans  Michlmayr  (Western  Australia)
Amateur radio astronomy. Author of article on Schumann resonance reception with and inductor coil.
Direct contact:
Harald Lutz (Sindelfingen, Germany)
Qualified physician, work in the computer industry. Author of "Reception of (strange)  VLF - signals  with a PC".
Direct contact:
Russell Clift , AB7IF (Harrison, Arkansas)
Author of article about STORM MONITOR
Brian  (Arizona, U.S.)
ELF and ULF researcher and ELFRAD member.
Direct contact:
DL4YHF,  Wolfgang Büscher (Spenge, Germany)
Born in 1965. Studied electronics but became a software author for microcontrollers. Operates on the 136kHz amateur radio band (from DF0WD). Hobby scientist, VLF listener, wrote "Spectrum Lab". 
Direct contact:
IW2DWN, Gabriele Seleri  (Italy)
High School Telecommunications Lab teacher, consultant for the National Museum of Sciences and Technologies of Milan.
Direct contact:
Jean Marie POLARD  (F5VLB - Louargat, France IN88IN)
Always against the flow to see if different paths do not take him to unexplored paradise.
Likes radioastronomy, ULF, meteors
Direct contact:
John MELOY  (Mariposa California in Sierra Nevada Mountain Foothills, U.S.)
Twice "retired": 1) US Navy officer, 2) Sr. Research Engineer SRI(International).
Interests: metal and wood working (black-powder target rifle building), wildlife photography (flora & fauna), amateur radio (AJ6LS, HF digi-mode), geophysics (electromagnetic applications), community service (Search and Rescue, Sheriff volunteer).
Passed over in 2015.
Tomislav Stimac (Zagreb, Croatia)

VLF experimenter, but also has a lot of interests in shortwave listening
(and decoding).
Direct contact:

IW2LLA, Andrea Ghedi (Italy)
Telecomunication engineer,now is specilizing in Biomedical engineer; interest in ULF band in particular to create new kind of receiver and coil antenna for electromagnetic precursors of earthquakes, ball lights and Schumann resonance. He's one of the father of ULFO (Ultra Low Frequency Observatory) and works around this project. Direct contact:
Thierry Alves (Portugal)
Portuguese and french VLF listener, SWL, student in electricity, and member of the radio-club F6KEO. 
Direct contact: elf_vlfhotmail.comIn France at my home: 162, AV PDT R Schuman. 33110, Le BOUSCAT. In france, at F6KEO ham radio station: Jeunes Science Bordeaux :tel. from from any other country.
In Portugal:5210-020 CICOURO. MIRANDA DO DOURO.
Kurt Diedrich (Germany)
Born in 1948, is geologist and lives in Germany. In the eighties, he was employed as a writer for a hobby electronics magazine. There, he also was responsible for developing electronic circuits for measuring and controling purposes. For eight years now, he has worked as a professional documentation writer in a company making computer-based analyzing systems.
See also Elektor Semptember 2014: Arduino-Datalogger
Direct contact: 
Franz P. Zantis (Germany) 
has a degree as an engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) of communications technology. He lives in Germany, close to Aachen and is an employee of the RWTH university. ELF researcher since 2004. Special interest is electronics and signal analysis.
Direct contact:
Business page:
Dionysios Dimakos, SV1ZJ (Greece)
I am 38 years old and I reside in Athens, Greece.  My major is electronic engineering. 
Since 1991, I have been involved – as an amateur - in monitoring and recording the magnetic field variations, aiming to trace earthquake precursors. 
Direct contact:
I1RFQ, Claudio Re (Italy)
Fond of every Telecommunication Technology from Hertz to Gamma Rays ….
With Oscar Steila IK1XVP has developed Ciao Radio, an SDR HF Radio.
Direct contact:
Monari Jader (Italy)
Electronic Engineer at Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica 
Istituto di Radioastronomia (IRA), Radiotelescopio di Medicina 
Via Fiorentina 3508/B,  40060 Villafontana (BO)
Direct contact: 
Matteo Bruna
Physicist now is specilizing in advanced technologies, he buit a large induction coil for his thesis...and now he's an amateur ULF researcher. 
Direct contact: 
Peder Skogaas (Hessdalen, Norway)
Computer Instructor. Have the great possibilities to do VLF sessions in very remote areas in the Hessdalen region.  Collaborating with CIPH and Istituto di Radioastronomia. Passed over in 2016.
Andrea Dell'Immagine, IW5BHY (Italy)
Born in 1966, licensed Ham since 1981.  Electronic Engineer , works as consultant.
Interests : designing and experimenting any kind of antenna, RF and telecommunication circuit from ELF to microwave.  Antique radio collector from the beginning of radio to the Thirties.
Direct contact :
Alan Melia, G3NYK (Great Britain)
Retired Physicist (always pretended to be an electronic engineer!) 30years
with BT Research and 10 years in 2-way radio. Licenced as G3NYK since 1960.
Main interest propagation a little higher up the spectrum
Direct contact:
Jean-Louis RAULT F6AGR (France)
Main hobbies: Space, weak signals, sailing, ELF/VLF, ...
Former president of AMSAT-France, and presently in charge of the International Meteor Organization Radio Commission and of the Société Astronomique de France Radioastronomy Commission. Professionnal in Defence systems, just to finance the above hobbies.
Direct contact at

Salvatore CAFFO, (Sicily, ITALY)
Geology, degree and Volcanology, PhD
Chief volcanologist of Etna volcanic Park
Direct contact:
Alessandro LONGO IT9ZUK (Sicily, ITALY)
Hamateur radio since 1988, electronic hobby. Listening, monitoring and correlation study between VLF and seismic waves,  maded on the place where he lives: on the slopes of Mount Etna, it is the largest active volcano in Europe . 
Direct contact at

Rosario CATANIA (Sicily, ITALY)
Works as a technician of the microelectronics industry. Interested in volcanology, caving and astrophysics. The purpose of his amateur activities is identify changes in the resulting electromagnetic emission of magmatic or tectonic activity.
Direct contact at
When high speed wireless networking is a must!
Direct contact:
Torsten Heer DKS302 (near Kassel, Germany)
Customer advisor - Qualitymanagement (Automotive). Born in 1965. Starting 1976 with CB. Hobbys: VLF- Listening, electronic, Thunderstorm- Monitoring, computing, constuction of VLF- Antennas and extrem-surfing (at 
My YouTube site 
Direct contact:
Serge Lacôte (France)
I am retired. I was a Mathematics teacher in preparatory classes for entrance in Grandes Ecoles. I share my spare time between my family, electronics and thomistic philosophy.
(I chose impudly Thomas Aquinatis to represent me in the picture)

DJ1WF, Wilfried Fritz (Germany)
Profession: IT system engineer. Hobbies; Broadband free space laser communication, Amateur Radio (especially ATV), VLF, and of family. Responsible for constructing and running the first THz input ever on an amateur television Repeater.
Homepage: and

Luca Feletti, IZ1GZF (Italy)
Electrical engineer, amateur radio, low frequency signals and electromagnetic pollution measurements.
Direct contact:

Evan Iverson, Tucson (Arizona)
Pursues theoretical and experimental research in radio science and ionospheric physics.  He has significant experience with the design of technologies for high-performance propagation measurement over frequencies from ELF through HF (3 Hz to 30 MHz).
Direct contact:  evaniverson

Massimo Silvestri, (Italy)
I work for telecommunications company. I am interested to LTPA (Luminous Transient Phenomena in the Atmosphere) and related phenomena HP, Sprite, EQL, VLF, ULF etc.

Direct contact: max.silve

Riccardo Giuliani (Polignano a Mare, Italy),
VLF grabber:
Astronomer and electronics specialist, VLF hobbiest.
Telescopes, accessories and electronics reseller.
Direct contact: info

Le Minh Tan (DakLak, Viet Nam)
Born in 1982, Head of Laboratory of Physics, Faculty of Natural Science and Technology, Tay Nguyen University.
Research interests: Space Weather, Solar Flares, VLF
Participate in SID monitor system of Stanford university with TNU-0325 station
Direct contact:

Fabrizio Francione (Turin, Italy)
Astro-photographer, VLF hobbiest and SID monitoring.

Pierluigi Poggi IW4BLG (Boretto, Italy)
Passionate experimenter and freelance techical writer

Sven SM5LE (Sweden)
Born in 1940, Telecomunication engineer, Licensed Ham 1961, call SM5LE, Moon bounce 1977 WAC432. Built/soldered  crystal radio 1949. Still soldering 2013, now Schumann reciver.
Worked with mobile radio, NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephone) etc, now retired.
Playing Swedish folkmusic on Nyckelharpa.

KE4RJQ, Mike Smith (Lynchburg, VA, USA)
VLF Listener and amateur researcher
Direct contact: mike

Federico Scremin, Italy
Helicopter avionics engineer, expert in telecommunication. For years collaborator R.Romero in monitoring and study electromagnetic signals in the VLF, ELF and ULF frequency bands.
Direct contact:

Renzo Cabassi, Italy
Now I am retired. ex entrepreneur in the field of technical communication. Freelance science
journalist, writer. I founded together with friends and colleagues in 2000 the "Italian
Committee for Project Hessdalen" (ICPH) and in 2006 CIPH-Smart Optical Sensors Observatory
Direct contact:
Luca Seoli, Italy
Telecommunication engineer, embedded system researcher and software developer.
Direct contact:

Kevin Saroka, Sudbury, Canada
Neuroscientist interested in exploring a possible relationship between natural radio signals and human brain activity.  Direct contact ks.saroka

HB9DRT, Jochen Richert, Switzerland
Active in Meteor and Meteor Radio  Astronomy, Running Multi Meteor Camera System in one Housing. Web site:  sorry only in German, yet. 
Direct contact

Luca Catania, Italy
ERO Sicily Station support team. Working as a technician in the IT sector and  dealing with water supply, water sources and aquifers in Etna volcano area. Interested in volcanology, caving and astrophysics.
Direct contact

Alessandro Bonforte, Italy
Researcher at Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) - Section of Catania, Osservatorio Etneo. Interested in electromagnetic signals potentially associated to seismic events and especially in their potential exploitation for volcanological studies such as magma migration and intrusion in shallow crust. Local support for E.R.O. station and experiments on Etna volcano. Direct contact alessandro.bonforte

IW3AUT, Martin Pernter (ITALY)
Enthusiast RF electronic & telecommunication technician.
Direct contact iw3aut

Valerio Cammelli (Italy)
Electrical  engineer, retired, interested  in VLF   and technique of  location of lightining discharges by using a single station.
Direct contact valeriocammelli

Peter Newton GM0EZR (Scotland)
Licensed Ham since 1989.  Retire Electronic Engineer.
Interests – VLF, building my own equipment, monitoring and recording VLF stations, magnetic field & seismic events to see if there is a correlation between them.
Direct contact pwnewton42

Massimiliano Recchia IK0VVE (Italy)
Passionate about any science and research related to radio frequency. Alternatively active from ULF to UHF, from terrestrial signals to radio meteors and signals from space.
Direct contact IK0VVE

Ihor Storozh (Lviv, Ukraine)
Radio engineer and radio listener. Interests are signal acquisition,
digital signal processing, software defined radio and audio recording.
Direct contact ihorstorozh

Jean Marie Brieussel, F6ETU  (France)
Retired electronics engineer. Presentation of the natural ELF signals
received in the South West of France with an ICS101 coil induction.
Direct contact f6etu


Thanks also at all people that inserted a link to this web site in their home page or offered their collaboration and support for the OpenLab Project:

Daniele IU3BLA
RadioMasterList: comprehensive receiver and transceiver specifications and performances data-base.
Direct contact:

DXtreme Software
DXtreme Software produces powerful and easy-to-use logging applications for radio enthusiasts such as:  Amateur Radio operators, Shortwave DXers, Shortwave listeners, Broadcast band DXers, VLF DXers, VHF, UHF, and TV DXers 
Direct contact:

Lionel Loudet, France.
Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Monitoring Station A118 (AAVSO observer code), aims at detecting ionospheric effects resulting from solar flares (Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances, or SIDs). This station is an amateur observatory located in France.
Direct contact:
Flavio FALCINELLI, Senigallia, Italy.
Ham Radio astronomy Virtual Lab (in Italian)
Direct contact:

DC3MF Wolfgang Schippke, Germany.
Natural Radio, The world below 24 kHz.
Direct contact:

Adriano Nardi (Italy)
An interesting study on geophonic signals. Radiogeofonia (in italian).

IK1QLD, Angelo Brunero (Italy)
A.I.R. Associazione Italiana Radioascolto, the larger SWL organization in Italy.

N2HTT, Mike Aiello (U.S.)
Home Page, INSPIRE researcher and author of ATM (Automatic Time Maker) software.

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