Romagna VLF - Live data
ELECTRIC FIELD  - Live data from Fiumicino-Gatteo(FC), Italy South Europe.
MAGNETIC FIELD - Live data from Sogliano (FC), Italy South Europe.                             
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The purpose of these stations is the observation and recording of the phenomena in the electric and magnetic components in the VLF, ELF and ULF frequency bands . The stations are part of a network of observatories development in the country, which was founded by Renato Romero commitment with the help of willing members. Within it is possible to detect evidence of natural and human, which are exhaustively explained in the topics of the site,

ELECTRIC FIELD  - Fiumicino-Gatteo(FC), Italy South Europe.

(To see on google map click this link 44,12°N, 12,39°E)

This monitoring station is placed in the Romagna region near adriatic sea, that whose boundaries cannot be delineated but that is recognized by the character of its people. A land filled with abundance natural and landscape, including the areas where the electromagnetic noise is greatly reduced, allowing a good reception of radionatura signals. 

Electric field: Marconi "T" antenna.
A small "T" 1.5 m high with 10m long top hat, with PRE24 front end like Renato's station "set up".

ELF/ULF electric component data

Here below the LIVE spectrogram, updated every 15 minutes. It shows the last 8 hours ELF and ULF activity, as received by marconi antenna (electric component).




Electric field multistrip daily representation, useful for comparing anomalies from day to day,
scroll time 110 sec, updated every 15 minutes:

MAGNETIC FIELD - Sogliano (FC), Italy South Europe.

(To see on google map click this link 43,93°N, 12,23°E)

The installation of an induction coil is not easy, you need to find a place as far as possible from sources of electromagnetic noise that may saturate the high sensitivity of the device. A good compromise has been identified in the municipality of Sogliano (FC) in the Romagna hills between the Savio, Uso and Marecchia Valleys. Amazing places in every sense: the peace of the electromagnetic spectrum, clean skies, simple and sincere people and great food!

Magnetic field: Induction coil ECS101

A search coil with high performance features, which gives us the possibility to monitor the typical natural signals present in the band in question: Schumann Resonances, SRS, magnetic pulsations(see topic). The induction coil output is sent  to a quality sound card, that is connected to a computer with a very low consumption with static memory.The data is stored in format audio (. WAV) and graphic images (. JPEG) . Audio data is downloaded through remote connection to the need for post-processing. The images of the spectrograms are updated periodically and made available to the web page.

ELF/ULF magnetic component data

Here below the LIVE spectrogram, updated every 15 minutes. It shows the last 8 hours ULF activity, as received by induction coil (magnetic component), from 0.1 to 36 Hz. Bottom part is zooming in the 0.1 to 4 Hz range.
FFT resolution 10,5 mHz, scroll time 40 seconds.



Here below the real time situation about lighting strikes in Europe. Courtesy of

Unattended operations, signal conditioning, spectrograms and RDF functions are performed with SpectrumLab:
Many thanks to Wolfgang Buscher for his support.
Many thanks to Luca Amadori for facilities and logistic support.
Many thanks to the Tonini's family for facilities and logistic support.
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Special thanks to Renato Romero for the cooperation to host the Romagna stations on his website.

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