OPEN LAB rules
The purpose of Open Lab is the free exchange of VLF experiences


Works presented must contain information about radio waves below 22 khz.
Open lab collects and publishes works and experiences with direct reception of radio signals
typically without frequency conversion.

Open Lab is non-profit. Published works are contributed to this web site freely for the benefit of all.

Open Lab will collect and publish arguments on VLF that arrive at different conclusions so all ideas may be explored.

The web master reserves the right to accept or decline any works for publication

The format of presented works may be changed to fit site graphics. Text and images should be under 350K

Contributors may withdraw their works by contacting the web master.

All experiments, if possible, should be repeatable with readily available components.

Description of experiments and experiences should be easy to understand

Open Lab is solely operated by the web master. Publication times depend upon the availability of free time. Please be patient.

Intellectual property published on this web site is free for non-commercial use. All commercial rights remain the property of the original author.


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