THE RDF PROJECT. Radio Direction Finding of VLF and LF transmissions:

Klaus’ Radio Page:
Where you also find a very useful RDF calculator:

The world below 535kHz, by Costas Krallis SV1XV

Tony Field’s azimuth map v3.2:
mirror at:

Sheldon C. Shallon’s (W6EL) propagation and azimuth map program, W6ELProp v2.02. The map section is very useful for building up a library of VLF bearings:

Mother Nature’s own cacophony of signals and noise in the VLF range. Stephen P. McGreevy, VLF sounds and samples:

NASA’s online VLF receiver:

Larry’s VLF site, sounds, schematics and much more:

WUN, World Utility News:

The use of Frequency Selective Voltmeters as VLF receivers, by Don Moman:

For construction of ground dipoles:

For construction of induction coil antennas and ELF receivers:

For various ELF /ULF research, including spectrograms of the 2.5 Hz signal:

Loop antennas for VLF and below:

Maps and coordinates, worldwide:

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