01 CR52607H3Riser1

This recording also from 5/26/07 but much earlier in the morning around 2AM my time in the horse heaven hills. CTR117 recorder and MK7 receiver. The risers are very uncommon just like whistlers in my location. I hear chorus more than anything else but Sferics of course.


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 22.5 seconds, 323 KB:   CR52607H3Riser1.mp3

02 CR52607H3Riser2

Same date and equipment. Just another sampling of risers early morning hours of 5/26/07 in the horse heaven hills using CTR117/MK7 equipment. I figure if I send plenty you will find something you will really like to use.


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 16.5 seconds, 259 KB:   CR52607H3Riser2.mp3

03 PMD32808H3r1

Risers recorded March 28, 2008 in the horse heaven hills before 5AM my time using the PMD671/Spectrum1 pair

Listen the file in MP3 format here, 5 seconds, 79 KB: PMD32808H3r1.mp3

04 PMD32808H3r2

A second sample of risers from March 28, 2008 using the PMD671/Spectrum1 pair. Also from the horse heaven hills around 5AM in the morning

Listen the file in MP3 format here: PMD32808H3r2.mp3

05 CR10501Riser1

 It's a large portion of a cassette tape recording using the CTR117/MK3 pair on top of the horse heaven hills at my current recording site. This was from the early morning hours around 4AM on 10/5/01 and some of the coolest risers I've ever recorded.


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 1 minutes, 939 KB: CR10501Riser1.mp3

06 CR51202H3DChorW3

This dandy is composed of 3 types of chorus running simultaneously. A low, high and what I call chukar or bird chorus also having a whistler on the front end. We have game birds hunted here in the Great Northwest US called Chukar's and they make a noise very similar to the strong barking bits in this file. Same date, equipment and location. Feel free to cut these down any way you like if they are too long.


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 33.6 seconds, 724 KB:  CR51202H3DChorW3.wav

07 CR51202H3DChorW2

This one is also from the 5/12/02 recording with CTR117/MK3 pair having a similar dual chorus mix with an intense bit of high frequency chorus rising about half way through and a small whistler near the end


Listen the file in MP3 format here, 20.7 seconds, 327 KB:  CR51202H3DChorW2.mp3

08 CR112099DRBLITZ
This is my first favorite ever recorded of vlf activity. Using the Explorer MK1 receiver and a copper tubing antenna with an external antenna amplifier that used a large fuse type clip to mount the small plastic box amplifier onto the tubing and a 4 wire phone plug and jack system with balanced transformer coupling.

You can hear the rain drops on the copper tubing. There's a lightning strike ZZZt early on with a gap then you hear the whistler rise up slightly then begin to fall. Of all the signals I've ever heard this is the only one that ever gave me goose-bumps when it happened. The recorder was the CTR117 and this happened shortly after midnight on November 20th, 1999 on Dennis Road above town.I may have sent this one long time back but without the pertinent information to go along with it. I consider it the best thing I ever caught on tape.

Listen the file in MP3 format here, 27 seconds, 424 KB: CR112099DRBLITZ.mp3

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